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Jeeter Juice Live Resin Disposable Straw – Hi-Octane

Product description

Hi-Octane Jeeter Juice Disposable Live Resin Straw:  500 mg | Hybrid | 81.07% THC (Per Straw)

Hi-Octane is an evenly balanced hybrid strain made with Sunset Sherbet and Octane. This strain has a sweet and fruity berry citrus flavor profile with a scrumptious creamy exhale. Its aroma is earthy and fruity with a flowery citrus overtone that has just a touch of gassiness. Hi-Octane provides users with a heavy hitting, long lasting high that will have them feeling highly creative and relaxed. It’s perfect for a night in to take advantage of all those artistic ideas swirling in your mind.


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Jeeter Juice Live Resin is a mouthwatering disposable straw made to give you the perfect hit every time. This juice is made with just one ingredient, cannabis.



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